Our global network of prayer partners will be praying with you!

To help build your faith in the power of Jesus to heal, forgive and create miracles of provision and peace, we invite you to listen to, or download, this free mp3 of
Carl Richardson reading the entire
King James Version of the Gospel of John.  Press the arrow to begin, or “right-click” to download as a mp3 for your computer or personal media player.

Prayer is the most important part of our Christian walk.  Jesus went away often to lonely places… to pray.  The Lord of heaven and earth made prayer a priority, and so should we.

Here at Beyond Borders, our global ministries were sparked by one praying mother and two praying grandmothers who kept on asking, kept on seeking and kept on knocking until this ministry began blazing new trails for the kingdom of God.

This same kind of prayer, consistent and devoted, brought under the will of God, will also begin, renew or change your own life in a remarkable way so that your relationship with the Father can be restful and fruitful.

Let us help you pray for whatever it is you need to bring this kind of peace and joy to your life.  Fill out the simple form below and our team will pray for your specific need.