Carl Richardson: 50 Years in Ministry

For over fifty years, countless lives have been changed. People have been set free. Miracles of healing and deliverance have taken place. Men of God have been honored properly. Vital ministries have been started and fortified. Churches have been completely turned around. Leaders have been counseled with Godly wisdom. The faith has been defended worldwide. Singers and musicians have been given a broader audience. The financial future of many ministers has been secured. Families have been healed – broken lives put back together. All of this, because one young man, at the age of fifteen, answered the call of God to preach the gospel.

International Evangelist Carl Richardson is heard daily around the world and throughout the United States on the widely acclaimed “Oasis” radio broadcast. A member of the Board of Directors of the National Religious Broadcasters for 30 years, a producer and host of network television programs focusing on ministry and Christian living, the former director of the radio and television ministry of the Church of God for twelve years, author of numerous books and publications; Carl ministers and counsels with a passion for the lost that has produced profound spiritual results at meetings and gatherings around the world.  

These videos were created for an anniversary celebration on his 50th year of ministry.

Carl Richardson began his ministry at a very young age. He was known from age 15 as the “teenage trumpet-playing evangelist” after preaching his first revival in Ohio. Chapter One includes his early childhood through to his ministry beginnings.

This chapter follows Carl through his ministry, his marriage and moves around the country as a much sought-after Camp Meeting speaker and evangelist.

Carl moved to Cleveland, Tennessee to become the national radio speaker for the Church of God. He also began a recording studio and television ministry through nationwide specials and weekly series.

After 12 years at Forward in Faith, Carl and the family moved back to Florida to begin as International Evangelist, the host of a nationwide TV program “Goin’ Places” and speaking to massive interdenominational audiences throughout the world.