Thank You For Giving for our Africa water project.

We completed the new reservoir and bought much needed water storage tanks for our main property in Barberton, South Africa, but the drought continues and has become dire to the point of “historic.”

Your continued gifts help support more than one hundred orphans who receive daily food, medical care and a safe place to play, study and receive Christian care.



We just received this overseas email only hours ago, and after praying about it, I knew in my heart that you would also want to know about the emergency that has just befallen our African Mission Station that cares for so many people in need in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

This resulted from the worst drought there in many decades.

Please read the enclosed email from them to me and forwarded on to you right now with the simple request that you read this prayerfully. And knowing you as I do, I know you will breathe a prayer as you read it.

No one is expected to do everything but I hope everyone can do ‘something’.
And the ‘something’ that I ask you to do, is your very best.
Prayerfully and gratefully,
Carl Richardson
International Evangelist

There is an important saying globally, that “where there is water, there is life.” And for many years, we have been living participants of God’s provision of life-giving water here at our Mission Station in Mpumalanga – – until last Thursday when our water reservoir suddenly collapsed from prolonged disintegration. After giving us more than 25 years of good use, the collapse sent us scrambling for help. Most of the reservoir had turned to oozing mud, but mercifully we have a river (now reduced to only a trickling stream) that flows through our property that gives us some hope (Thank God)! But the river is a very long distance, (about half a mile – and in a valley). We’ve had engineers consulting with us today and it will be necessary to provide water catchment basins in five key locations plus a lift station with a solar powered pump to convey the water for our Mission Station from the river to the five major buildings, The cost is more than we can meet and we are now entering a new dry season in the next few weeks and the need for life-giving water is urgent.

Our new submersion pump is working perfectly but the wells are failing. We can pump for 20 minutes and then have to wait for about two hours before we can pump again for twenty minutes. The other reality is that with the water table going down the walls of one well seemed to collapse. The once 126 metres well is now only forty metres deep. We are putting both wells to work. Everything has to be done manually. Before we could just switch on; now we have to physically take a power plant to the well and stay with the pump until the water fails, then switch off. The best we could do for the moment was to purchase a 5000 litre tank for drinking water (stored in the BIG GREEN TANK photo – just one of the five tanks urgently needed) and use our existing system for utility water for the dormitories.

The first picture shows Ellie and Anthony minutes after the collapse. We bought the tank in Nelspruit the next day ( last Friday).

Thank you again for your most needed assistance along with special friends of the gospel such as you. We don’t have anywhere else to turn during this water emergency at our Mission Station.

Ellie and Pieter Van Niekerk,
Missionaries, Mpumalanga, South Africa